REWIND – Social Medias concept

Creative concept for Absolut Lipidium who repairs all the hair damages in the past.
Create a Facebook game playing with the history of your profile.

Agency: Vanksen Paris, France
Year: 2013
Team: Olivier Perez (AD)


MY HAIRSTYLIST – Mobile app concept

Concept for hackathon @ Ecole42 in Paris.
The idea: a sharing platform of DIY (as Youtube is often used for this).
As a contributor, you can post your How-To with a « Related products » section. and « Find a Hairdresser » in partnership with L’Oréal.
As a viewer, you can find the hairstyle you love and « Find a Hairdresser » in partnership with L’Oréal if you don’t want to do it by yourself.


You can contact me at hello @ or by phone at +33 6 03 522 838.

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