About Me

Behind the lens

Welcome !

French and sensitive woman photographer
Based in Barcelona and French Riviera.

Hi there!

I’m Sabine, a french woman photographer based in Barcelona.

I come from Cannes, famous city thanks to the International Film Festival. But the things I like the most in French Riviera, are its country side, who offers breathtaking views.

My +7 years background as Art Director in advertising agencies in Paris allowed me to develop my creativity.

More Personal:
I’m a mother, and I love to discover each day this part of my personality and how deep and real is motherhood.

I love driving around, singing too loud in the car, cooking with my son on a rainy sunday afternoon, practicing yoga, golden hours, and playing with our jack russell, Jimi.

I also share my travel journeys on Wanderlust Moustaches. 


Selfportrait Challenge

I’m a visual person. I express myself through pictures and videos.
And I have a ritual.
Every month, I try to create a selfportrait session. 
This moment allowed me to express my emotions, how I feel at this very moment: when I can’t use words, to feel better, as an outlet to eliminate tensions. 
You can see all my Selfportrait Challenges here


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