About me



French sensitive designer & photographer
in Barcelona, Paris and French Riviera.

Hi there!

I’m Sabine, a french creative woman in Barcelona.

I come from Cannes, famous city thanks to the International Film Festival. I like most about the French Riviera is its wild side away from the glitter, which offers breathtaking views.

I’ve always be Geek – I pulled my first tooth on the joystick of my brother’s Atari console, I’m a fan of GTA, I made my first website in 2003 and started my career designing mobile applications!

I studied Arts in Paris, I worked as an Art Director and managed teams and creative projects in advertising agencies for 6 years. I became a passionate about photography and started shooting landscapes and portraits, and then I started collaborations – which allowed me to develop my creativity – before becoming a freelance designer in Barcelona, Paris and London.

Since then, I offer my services as a Creative (graphic design, photography, branding…) and Freelance Ux designer and I can work on international projects in English, Spanish and French.

More Personal
I’m a mom, and I love to discover every day this part of my personality and how deep and real motherhood is.

I love singing loudly while driving, cooking with my son on a rainy Sunday, practicing yoga and skateboarding, admiring the architecture of a city, chasing the sunset with my camera, playing with our jack russell, Jimi.

I also share my travel journeys on my blog  Wanderlust Moustaches.