Brand Identity & Design

graphic & brand design

Branding & design

Every brand has its story, and telling it authentically is essential to making it shine and revealing its personality.

Thanks to my approach, which combines design and marketing, I can help you build your brand identity, to create a unique and authentic message and communication strategy, as well as your visual identity.

Brand identity

In a collaborative process, we create a unique brand identity, and together we reveal your history, positioning, promise, ethics…

This is symbolized by the creation of a Brand Book.
In a way, it’s your brand’s Bible.

The Brand book

Writing a brand book is essential when creating or re-branding a brand.
It includes your brand’s positioning, logo, typography, color codes, iconography and tone of voice.

This gives your brand a personality and ensures consistency across all communication channels.

Visual identity

Once defined your values and your uniqueness, I take charge of creating your visual identity, the graphic representation of your brand’s DNA.

Combining images and words, I reveal your story and your added value, the essence of your brand, which I use with precision in your communication media.

Branding Projects

Graphic Design Services

Need visuals with the right look and feel for your marketing campaign,
a photography art direction or an elegant booklet to go with the products you are selling on your e-commerce website?

I can work on any type of communication medium, from print to digital, to deliver an optimised, coherent customer experience.

Printed products

Brochure, press kit or catalogue, I can handle every stage of the graphic design process, from creation to delivery of print-ready files.


I imagine and design your primary and secondary packaging, to reflect closely your brand to consumers.