30 April 2020


One day, someone told me that Mariposa is my sign. He offers me a necklace and a paper with some notes I lost since...

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23 April 2020


Lockdown serie |  Barcelona, home, balcony, April 2020

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22 April 2020

Will you be there?

Lockdown serie |  3rd selfportrait session for april. It seems that I was searching deeply something in my creativity!This time, I was really sad...

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16 April 2020


Lockdown serie |  April was heavy. We started the second month of lockdown and my mood was swinging a lot. The weather was bad,...

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3 March 2020


Lockdown serie |  March was the first month of the Corona virus lockdown. With this pictures, I wanted to express the need of human...

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16 February 2020

Roller Coaster

With this serie, I wanted to show a part of my personality few people knows about: I am a high sensitive person.Be highly sensitive...

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