Roller Coaster

With this serie, I wanted to show a part of my personality few people knows about: I am a high sensitive person.
Be highly sensitive comes with both advantages and drawbacks: seeing shades of emotion, creativity, intuition, highly aware of the needs of others, but also a stronger reaction to both positive and negative experiences.

I can absorb emotions, that means my mood is constantly swinging.
It seems like I spend my days riding an emotional roller coaster.

During years, I suffered a lot. I thought I was “different”, people around me constantly told me that I was too sensitive, or intense.
I start hiding this with humor and provocation.
But with time, and maturity, I learn how to accept this difference, and live with this and make the best of it.

Gradually, I dare to unveil this sensitive and sweet side of myself. Several friends told me they didn’t recognize me in these photos, and still…

Barcelona, home
— february 2020

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