One day, someone told me that Mariposa is my sign. He offers me a necklace and a paper with some notes I lost since years, but still remember:

“Mariposa is the quintessence of life balance.
You are bound together in a fantasy.
Like you, it wasn’t born in softness.
Like him, you combine fragility, strength, self-metamorphosis.
Keep it close to you, and hold it when you dive into the depths of yourself.
It will remind you in a second who you are.
Mariposa is the symbol.
Your symbol.”

I think the best pictures I made of myself. No tricks. No cheat. With imperfections.
Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, mirrors of past happiness. Woman and little girl. Strong and fragile in the meantime. Me. Just as I am.
The Mariposa that finally hatch.

Barcelona, home, balcony, 2020

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