Selfportrait Challenge

When the words are superfluous

I’m a visual person. And I have a ritual.

The day of my 37, I decided to make a Selfportrait session each month.
I’m a high sensitive person and photography is a way to me to heal my soul, my wounds, to feel better, as an outlet to eliminate tensions.

When no words are enough strong to describe an emotion, these moments allow me to express my feelings, boost my creativity and help me to move on!

Discover bellow the pictures and the “Behind the scene” explanation. 
I hope you will enjoy it!

25 November 2021

How I Switch

How I switch Personal photography project.Talking about architecture, immigration and skateboarding. 1 Common element, different visions.Why and how a wooden board with 4 wheels...

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30 April 2020


One day, someone told me that Mariposa is my sign. He offers me a necklace and a paper with some notes I lost since...

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23 April 2020


Lockdown serie |  Barcelona, home, balcony, April 2020

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22 April 2020

Will you be there?

Lockdown serie |  3rd selfportrait session for april. It seems that I was searching deeply something in my creativity!This time, I was really sad...

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18 April 2020

Instagram Prostitution

Lockdown serie |  I want to tell a story.The story about our relation with Instagram, the relation with our self-estime, a fragile balance between...

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16 April 2020


Lockdown serie |  April was heavy. We started the second month of lockdown and my mood was swinging a lot. The weather was bad,...

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3 March 2020


Lockdown serie |  March was the first month of the Corona virus lockdown. With this pictures, I wanted to express the need of human...

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16 February 2020

Roller Coaster

With this serie, I wanted to show a part of my personality few people knows about: I am a high sensitive person.Be highly sensitive...

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24 January 2020

Who cares ?

For this new beginning, I wanted to show who I am in a daily basis. Feminine, rock’and’roll, provocative, strong, vulnerable, happy, nostalgic. A “All-in-One...

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