Will you be there?

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3rd selfportrait session for april. It seems that I was searching deeply something in my creativity!
This time, I was really sad because Leo, my boyfriend just breakup with any explanation. 
And I began to think about since how many years I had been alone, with no one to count on, on the up and down days. How many years
I’d had to rely on myself only. The years when I was in couple too : was the other one really there, ready to go through everything, the ups and downs, when life is going well, but when it takes a different twist…? Or it was just a perception, a awakened delusion?
I was crying a lot and I told to myself “I need to transform all these feelings, all these teas to something creative”

“Will you follow where I’m going? Will you know how to live the worst?
The loneliness, the passing of time  And habit, look at them
Our enemies, tell me you do. Tell me you do.”

Lyrics from Seras-tu là ? Michel Berger

Barcelona, studio at home, trying some flash triggers
— april 2020

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