Book for Inès

A professional book in a great place of Barcelona: Port Forum.

Sunny beach portrait with Célia

A great sunny summer shooting at the Nova Icaria Beach in Barcelona.

Sunset at bunkers Barcelona with Célia

Enjoy the sunlight in one of the most beautiful point of view of Barcelona, and the golden hour to capture great portraits !

Swimwear & Beach Portrait with Célia

The second part of the photoshoot with Célia. Despite that the beach was crowded, we made a great content and had a lot of fun!

Airplane Photo Book with Magali

First summer photoshoot with Magali, watching planes arriving from the airport of Barcelona!

Just go rollin’ with Leo

Nothing in commun between a french blond woman and a young skateboarder from Venezuela? And still. We share the same passion for photography. And made great pictures together!

Cinematic session with Adrian

A day of december, a moustache, a costume party about Narcos and that's how we finish with an improvised portrait photoshoot under the sun of Barcelona!

Nice Portrait with Astrid in the Born Barrio

A nice Portrait photo session with Astrid in El Born neighborhood, the cultural part of Barcelona.